Bañera Bathtubs

European-inspired lines elegantly flow together to create truly luxurious baths by Banera. Surround your self with soothing warm water therapy, and relax in bespoke luxury in your own home.

Banera baths feature progressive design that is at the same time elegant and thoughtfully ergonomic - providing lumbar and arm support, intuitively positioned assist handles and a wide range of surfaces from sparkling high gloss, to organic stone finishes.

These jetted tubs are extremely rigid, manufactured to stand the test of time, thanks to a unique backing material that multiplies the strength of the ABS-backed acrylic surface – combining the beauty of nature, with the performance of modern materials.

The unique framing system of all Banera baths ensure an installation that is clean and simple. The engineered framework requires no prep-work and is immediately suited for tile or other surround material.

Behind the gleaming surfaces of the Banera bath resides some very specialized mechanics - rigid plumbing ensures no water leakage, no sagging and ensures the tub is completely self-draining. Silent-running motors supply flow to specialized jets, distributing intelligently targeted hydrotherapy.

Intuitive and precise digital systems provide unobtrusive control of all the functions of your Banera bath.

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