The Vitoria has a rectangular basin surrounded by seven jets, which are positioned differently at each end for versatility in back therapy. It measures 36” by 60” and is 19.5′ in depth for a capacity of 45 gallons. The drain’s positioning at one end of the tub ensures versatility in installation.

  • W 36”- L 60”- H 19.5”
  • Approx. 45 Gallons
This model also includes these features:
  • Elegant mould designs
  • Whisper pump
  • Touchpad controls for pump and lights
  • Stressaway back massage jets
  • Lasting Scents aromatherapy
  • Moodmatch Lighting standard on all models
  • Optional Champagne warm air system
  • Optional pillows
  • Optional Bluetooth Tranquility sound system
  • Optional handrail
  • Optional chrome or brushed nickel upgrades
  • Geisha foot massage jets Integrated heating system
*Color choices may change without notice and some colors may incur an extra cost.


Banera Bathtubs Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy is a great way to spice up an ordinary bath. No matter what physical or mental challenges you're wrestling with, chances are there's a scent or scent combination that's tailor made for you. Experiment with different blends and talk to an aroma therapist for recommendations for the best oils for whatever ails you.

Moodmatch Lighting System

Banera Moodmatch Lighting System
The use of light and color to promote a specific emotional response dates back to the Egyptians who built healing temples of light over four thousand years ago. Now you can create your ideal environment with low energy consumption LED lighting designed specifically for the bath.

Unique Operational & Safety Features

Banera Unique Operational & Safety Features
Each Arctic bath is equipped with an array of safety and ease – of- care features. Each unit comes equipped with self-draining plumbing and air clean-out where required. Our control system manages channel cleanout after draining to help the bath stay cleaner longer. Our antibacterial Microban surface helps inhibit bacterial growth on the bath surface.

Grab Bars

Banera Grab Bars
Once found only in nursing homes, grab bars are hand bars bolted to walls in showers and above tubs to help keep people from falling. They're appearing in many bathrooms now.

Tranquility Sound System

Banera Tranquility Sound System
Part of the global movement to creating a spa experience at home includes the bath music systems. Need some escape time? Don't let the background sounds of everyday life over-ride your zen time. There is nowhere you can feel at peace more than in the comfort of your own home. Steps away your tranquility sound system delivers solitude.

Stressaway™ Back Massage System

Stressaway™ Back Massage System
Our Stressaway™ back massage system is like no other. Years of experimentation have led us to the most unique massage system that you can find in the bath industry today. Where other bath companies end is where we begin.

Champagne Warm Air Therapy Systems

Champagne Warm Air Therapy Systems
Any of our baths can come equipped with our heated Therapy Air systems. Millions of tiny air bubbles softly caress your body as you lie back and soak.

Geisha™ Foot Massage

Geisha™ Foot Massage
The pinpoint accuracy of our moulded in Geisha jets are more amazing than you even imagine. Strong and precise these jets are your reward after along day on your feet. While it is not possible for you to have your own masseuse at the end of the day- your own Geisha jets are ready any time.

Surround Yourself

Banera Surround Yourself
Sparkling, easy-care, high gloss acrylic finishes that always appear bright and new will enhance your bathing enjoyment for years to come.