Stressaway™ Back Massage System

stressaway-bathtubOur Stressaway™ back massage system is like no other. Years of experimentation have led us to the most unique massage system that you can find in the bath industry today. Where other bath companies end is where we begin.

It is not enough to just put jets in your bath for the sake of putting in jets. Each jet needs to be developed and placed to provide you with the maximum amount of hydro-massage in mind. Our back jets are placed to work on the large muscle groups of your back. Under the direction of a team of massage therapists we have some up with the ultimate in bath massage. Each of our large rotating AXIS jets provide effective and deep massage that cannot be delivered by the simple jets of our competitors.

Whether temporarily relieving pain associated with over-activity or daily stress, or helping mitigate chronic effects of certain diseases such as arthritis or diabetes, you will feel better after a hydro massage bath.