Surround Yourself

surround-bathtubswith warm water therapy as you relax in the elegance of your own home. Comfortable designs featuring lower lumbar support, built-in armrests and grab rails offer the look and feel that you deserve.

Sparkling, easy-care, high gloss acrylic finishes that always appear bright and new will enhance your bathing enjoyment for years to come.

Arctic unique framing system ensures an easy installation. The custom engineered frame requires no prep-work and can be immediately ready for tile or other surround material. The framing system gives the bathtub structural stability and simplifies installation.

The next key element in designing great jetted bathtubs is our plumbing system. Our rigid plumbing ensures no water leakage, sagging water pipes and that the tub is self-draining preventing stagnant water from collecting in the pipes.

The most important key element in building a quality, long lasting jetted tub is the tub shell structure. Our jetted tubs are built and reinforced with an ABS-backed, high quality acrylic. The acrylic is reinforced with a specially formulated bonding agent that prevents the tub from cracking. These unique construction elements combined with one of the best warranties industry, will provide any Apollo Spas Jetted Bathtub owner with peace-of-mind for years to come.


The latest in technology, construction and craftsmanship goes into every Arctic Jetted Bathtub. Only the finest materials, fixtures and pumps in the industry are used to ensure years of trouble-free service.

Arctic Jetted bathtubs are designed with three key elements of construction:

  • Directional Therapy Jets
  • Therapy & Air Control
  • Tri Back Jetting